Live Large Live!

This Is The Fitness Event You Must-Attend If You Want To...

  • Train side-by-side & get coached by Vince Del Monte, Ben Pakulski & top cover models
  • Steal the secrets of the pros to dialing in razor sharp abs
  • Discover the irrefutable rules of adding 10, 20 or 30 lbs of new muscle to your frame
  • Learn exactly how, why & what to eat for maximum muscle growth & fat loss
  • Get access to the best supplement stacking combos to build muscle & get lean

Plus Bonus Business, Relational & Life Sessions To Live Large Outside Of The Gym...

  • Write your own paycheck and author your own movie star lifestyle by cashing in on your passion...
  • Attract the perfect mate and make him or her yours forever...
  • Create an alarm-clock free lifestyle that allows you live anywhere in the world you choose!
  • Surround & connect yourself with engaging, encouraging and equipping individuals just like you...
  • And arrive in Toronto on August 27th to watch the WBFF World Championships and witness Vince Del Monte pose down against the best physique models in hopes of winning the world title. Get ready for a spectacular star-studded show!


June 19, 2018

From The Desk of: WBFF Pro Model & Best Selling Author, Vince Del Monte

Dear Friend,

What started as a dream, has now become a reality!

On August 29th-30th 2011, I’ll be bringing together the most powerful and influential coaches and mentors in my life under one roof for 2 days of training workshops, life-changing presentations, ask the pro panel discussions, a chance to win a trip to Loreto, Mexico and unforgettable fun. That's right —you're going to meet my secret weapons—the ‘behind-the-scenes’ people who have helped me develop my live large approach towards fitness, business and life. And I want YOU to be there!

Without a doubt, Live Large LIVE is set to be an event the transformation industry has never seen—big enough to create roof-raising energy, yet personal enough to provide plenty of one-to-one interaction between every speaker and attendee. 

It’s guaranteed that after these two days, you’ll be heading home with the confidence to reach any goal you may have dreamed and be ready to live better, relate better, save better, know better, and of course, equipped with my mentors’ secrets to go out and completely amplify your physique, your relationships, your business, and your lifestyle.

Imagine Discovering The Little-Known (and never talked about) Success Philosophies, Beliefs, Thinking, and Personal Behaviors From The “Real Deal” People In My Life Who Are Actually “Living Large” And Not Just Talking About It!

How This Event Came To Be:

One of my life goals is to help 1,000,000 skinny guys transform their physical bodies and use that as a stepping stone to transform the rest of their lives, just like I did. 

I’m living proof that this kind of transformation is possible for anyone. I believe that if you can transform your body, you can transform your career, relationships, lifestyle and anything else. 

To date, I’ve helped over 100,000 people transform their physical bodies via my online fitness business and I’m ready to reveal my latest transformation secrets that helped me conquer my genetics and build a world-class body.

You see, it wasn’t until I transformed my body that I gained the confidence to chase after the business, lifestyle and girl of my dreams.  All because of my live large mindset that I want to share with you.

Here’s When “The Stars Aligned”

On April 16th 2011, I won my WBFF Pro Card at the Quebec Championships, which qualified me to compete in the Pro Division of the WBFF World Championships. This spectacular event—which will attract the world’s best physiques—is being held on August 27th in Mississauga, Ontario.

I realized immediately that I could combine the World Championships with an opportunity to create the experience of a lifetime for YOU. And that’s what I did! For the past few weeks, I’ve been pouring every ounce of energy into assembling the first ever Live Large LIVE transformation event. 

Introducing Your All-Star
Live Large LIVE 2011 Speaker Line-up!

Right now, at this very moment, there is not a better time in history than to transform your mind, body and life. After defeating my skinny genetics and seeing dramatic changes in my body when going from skinny to muscular, I began to realize that if I can live large inside the gym, I can absolutely live large outside the gym as well.

Only a few short years later, I cashed in my passion, attracted the girl of my dreams, pursued and achieved the lifestyle I’ve always wanted and I happened to do it by the age of thirty. 

During the two day event, I'll be taking the stage to deliver multiple ground-breaking presentations and finally pull back the curtains to tell-all my best physique transforming and life transforming approaches so you can build the body of your dreams and use it as a stepping stone author your own live large lifestyle. 

I guess you can see that what I do best is help skinny and regular looking guys transform their bodies, which in turn inspires them to live large and transform their lives.  

Here’s what I plan to show you to help you take
your physique & life to the next level:

The Skinny To Muscular Tell-All
Transformation Seminar Reveals...

  • The cornerstone muscle principles and mind set responsible for helping me gain 41 lbs of muscle in 24 weeks
  • The top ten flaws that are killing your muscle growth and how to fix 'em
  • The most reliable muscle building carboydrates, proteins and fat that never fail you
  • Supplements - find out what works and what doesn't 
  • Rules to maximizing the muscle-to-fat ration while gaining muscle size
  • My staple recovery methods that no one is talking about 
  • Secrets to customizing and personalizing a generic diet or training plan to your goals and body

How I Trained & Dieted For The
World Championships Seminar Reveals...

  • Find out how my coach, Ben Pakulski, prepared me for the WBFF World Fitness Model Championships
  • The pre workout "100 calorie trick" to burn your fat super-fast
  • How I customized my cheat days to grow into the show! 
  • Body part specialization methods to bring up my lower lats, abs, upper biceps, upper chest, triceps, rear delts and hams 
  • Optimal cardio training for max fat loss without stripping any muscle
  • The workout breakdown: split, exercises, sets, reps, rest period. No stone is left unturned
  • The nutrition set up: calories, macros, food sources, timing and the logic behind it all 
  • The supplement protocol: again, I explain the logic behind dosages and importance of timing 

Ask Top Cover Models Your Most Burning Training, Nutrition & Mindset Questions

One of the biggest perks will include a Q&A panel discussion, where you can ask pro fitness models and cover models anything about how they dial in their abs for perfect condition and how their bodies are virtually flawless despite being human just like the rest of us. Find out what these guys know and do that the average person is messing up. 

  • Hear from the industries most popular and established fitness models like Obi Obadike, Burak Aksoy, Micah Lecerte, Scott Dorn, Artus Shakur and many more surprise guests
  • Find out how these top cover models eat and train to get their rock hard bodies
  • Find out how to land a six-figure supplement contract
  • Ask them about how to break into the fitness industry and land a cover
  • Find out how they deal with their full time jobs and manage to look the best in the world 
  • Get the steps needed to compete in your first fitness model, figure or bodybuilding show 
  • Pick their brain on their motivation secrets
  • Find out what they do the final 2 weeks to come in razor sharp and in peak condition 
  • Get an opportunity to train and work out side by side with your favorite athletes
  • Come August 27th and watch these high caliber athletes compete for the world title
  • Charge up your camera for this star studded event so you can post some awesome Facebook pics with your favorite model  

Ten New Rules For 10, 20 or 30 lbs
of New Muscle Size For You!

  • Get a ticket to putting on new solid muscle over the next few months with my new and latest rules to amplify size, strength and symmetry.  
  • How I've continued to make progress over the past eight years 
  • How to never stop making progress building bigger and stronger muscles - at any age
  • What worked early on isn't enough - intelligent ways to constantly challenge your body
  • The irrefutable and fundamental rules to bodybuilding success

BONUS Business Session:
Why Now Is The Time
To Cash In On Your Passion!

  • Steps to take to never grudgingly work a day in your life  
  • How to take any hobby or obsession and make a living doing what you love most 
  • Steps to take to fire your boss and start your own business 
  • Mini blue print for how to harness the power of the Internet to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true
  • Steps to take to transform your entire life by building a personal brand  

BONUS Relationship Session:
Attraction Secrets To Finding & Keeping Your Perfect Mate

  • Learn the completely unconventional approach I took to meeting the girl of my dreams   
  • Little things to do every day to flourish and bloom your relationship  
  • How to attract a "Perfect 10" into your life... you'll be shocked
  • Get a male and females perspective as my wife Flavia takes the stage with me 


When seeking out a pro bodybuilder as my coach, no one impressed me so much with their dedication to continuing education in all matters related to training, nutrition and supplementation as Canada’s Ben Pakulski, who I hired as my own coach and was thesecret weapon behind my Pro Card and preparation for the World Championships.  

Ben believes in a phrase, “the more you know, the more you grow.” Even though bodybuilding is a sport where elite genetics is a critical factor toward success, Ben is a hulking testament that if you’re willing to put in more effort and intelligent thought into your nutrition and training then you’ll surpass the most genetically gifted rivals.  Ben and I both graduated from the University of Western Ontario with degrees in Kinesiology. Ben’s thirst for learning has continued to match his drive to be one of the best pro bodybuilders.

Since bodybuilding is a sport where the fans expect their heroes to be able to tell them how to reach their own physical potential (something you don’t see in football or baseball, for instance, where the fans are content to simply watch the athletes do their own thing), you will discover how Ben is fairly unique when he takes the stage. 

Without being insulting, many bodybuilders cannot go into depth and detail about improving a physique. Pak-Man, on the other hand, could easily teach a full-blown college course on bodybuilding if he had to.  With his own analytical mind plus the guidance of Charles Poliquin and Charles Glass and many other mentors, Ben will stun you with his intelligent and science based approach to transforming your body. 

BONUS Session:
The 16 Worst Mistakes In Bodybuilding
& How To Fix 'Em

  • Stupid errors your making with your cardio 
  • Why everyone is way off on protein consumption 
  • Find out if you should be using free weights or machines
  • The facts about hydration and water consumption
  • Truth about over training and optimal training for muscle size 
  • Exactly how much to be consuming to grow 
  • How to NEVER structure your workout 
  • Why you're lagging body parts are not growing 
  • The primary reason you're not growing 
  • The biggest pitfall you're making while lifting a weight 
  • The fastest way to stop your progress dead in it's tracks
  • One thing you're not doing that only the pros know 
  • The forgotten growth factors not sexy enough to talk about but are essential 

BONUS Training Workshop: Get Hands On Coaching From Canada’s #1 Pro Bodybuilder – Ben “Pak Man” ”Pakulski

Over the course of the weekend you’ll have multiple opportunities to get coached by Canada’s greatest IFBBPro ever, Ben Pakulski, on the Club Meadowville gym floor.  Bring your workout clothes to find out thetraining techniques of the pros.  I pay Ben $150 an hour to train me in person and I travel 60 minutes fromHamilton to Toronto for each session and everysession is an unforgettable experience!

Just imagine the knowledge you’ll soak up—and the experience—of working alongside the BEST of the BEST. These muscle workshops will show you how to train with proper technique to get the most out of your lifts.  Prepare for this to be a highlight of the weekend .

And That’s Just The Tip Of The Iceberg! On Top Of All The World Class Fitness Secrets Being Revealed,
Here’s A Few More Big Time Perks You Won’t Find At Any Other Fitness Seminar...

In addition to ALL these mind-blowing fitness presentations, you’ll also get access to information pertaining to living large outside of the gym.

If you like me, you’re going to love my Dad! My father excels at helping people discover where they’re at and helping them develop a game plan that helps them move forward with their goals and dreams. As a high school teacher, a minister, and personal life coach, he loves to inspire people using both spoken words, and multimedia technologies. I have watched him inspire high school and university age students and business and professional people to become the very best versions of themselves. I’m just one of his many “success stories” :)

From an early age, my Dad not only helped my brothers and I set goals in all areas of life—physical, mental, spiritual, and relational—but to then make an action plan to achieve them. My Dad is an action man: there has never been a day where I haven’t seen him workout!

My Dad is one of most engaging and inspiring speakers I have ever listened to. The last time he spoke at an industry event of 400 fitness professionals he was the only speaker to earn a standing ovation.  I can’t wait for you to meet him! 

BONUS Personal Growth Session:
Attitude Matters - Taking A Check Up From The Neck Up

  • Learn what it takes to choose the right attitude each day, one that will make you successful in all areas of life
  • Why attitude matters more than talent

BONUS Personal Growth Session:
Eliminating The Passion Killers

  • Passion is the #1 key to all great art, all great music, all great movie making, all great literature, and all great athletic accomplishments. Find out how to create it, capture it and sustain it.  
  • Nothing amazing in your life will be captured without passion.  Learn how to light it’s flame and keep it burning.

BONUS Personal Growth Session:
Ten Things to Sort Out Before 40

  • You’re going to wish my father would just stay on stage and speak all weekend – trust me!  In this final presentation, my pops will highlight the 10 things you need to sort out before 40.


Jeff is the man who helped me earn a six figure income as a personal trainer by the age of 25 while working at a 10,000 square foot gym in a rinkie-dink city!  Jeff made me believe that I could be an “industry superstar” as a Fitness Consultant, a job position I did not even know existed.  Jeff gave me the “mental-equipment” to become the top sales rep in the country, which helped me drive the car of my dreams and purchase my first house before I was 25. 

Jeff is the business owner of The Edge Fitness Consulting and  recently authored Breaking The Chains of Modern Day Slavery, a book about living a life of freedom and choice.  Get ready for Mr. Russo!

BONUS Personal Growth Session:
You Don't Have to be Rich to Live Large - Just Free

  • This seminar is for the everyday person who will never be a millionaire, movie god or rock star, but can still put themselves in a place where they can decide, on their own terms, what they are going to do and when they are going to do it.
  • Discover the simple steps, philosophy and way of living that allows you to take back your life and live it large with purpose, vision and passion.
  • Find out how Jeff’s choice to leave Law School, quit a 6 figure management position in the fitness industry, to create a company and career simply out of passion and vision not experience or education, to home school his children and numerous other counter cultural decisions have all led to a life of fulfillment and success.

The Live Large Kick-Off Social –
Come Meet Many Of Your Favorite
Fitness Celebrity Coaches!

On Sunday night, it’s time to get the party started.  It’s no doubt that the entire event will be a non-stop fun fest, but The Live Large Kick-Off Social is the night that we’ll break the ice and be dedicated to pure fun.

Here’s where you can also meet other attendees from all around the world who are clients and customers of my programs.  This will be a “private” party for the fans of Vince Del Monte where you will be able to kick back, relax, and enjoy a few cocktails (for FREE).

And you can be sure that I’ll be in attendance alongside my father and other guest speakers.

Be sure to bring a fully charged camera for this one because rumor has is that special guest appearances by many of my close fitness friends who are living large inside and outside of the gym. You never know what’s going to happen!

Bring Your Best Body & Pose Down To Win A 7 Day Vacation In Loreto, Mexico!

It wouldn’t be a Live Large event without a pose down! At some point during the weekend, attendees will be challenged to step up on stage for a friendly pose down and show off all the hard work you’ve been pouring into your diet and training and get rewarded and recognized by your peers!

1st place – Win an all expenses paid trip to Loreto, Mexico

2nd place - $1,000 worth of Blue Star Supplements

Serious Supplements For The Hardcore Natural Bodybuilder!

3rd place - $500 worth of hard copy fitness products

Meet your “Home” for August 29-30th, 2011: Delta Meadowville in Mississauga, Ontario


The Delta Meadowvale Resort is the location for more than 100 of Canada’s Fortune 500 companies and is also the home of Club Meadowvale, a 40,000-square-foot fitness center featuring a wide variety of cardio equipment, a “Vince Del Monte Approved” gym, squash courts, tennis courts, a pool and many more high end amenities.  Don’t forget to bring your workout gear!

And even though the Delta Meadowvale is considered a higher-end hotel, you WILL NOT be paying “high end” prices because I’ve secured a full 30% discount from their regular rates for all Live Large LIVE attendees!  

(After purchasing your tickets you’ll receive info about how to book your hotel room at our special group rate) 

These Two Days WILL Change Your Life

Live Large

What Kind Of Price Tag Should A Private Weekend Like This Go For?

$1,997?  $997? $497?  Keep in mind, we’re not only transforming your mind and body but we’re going to give you a realistic approach to living large in all areas of life. And it’s important to note that a number of the presentations will be dedicated to the detailed steps I took to build a seven-figure income via the Internet.  This is not info I’ll ever share ANYWHERE online or on any of my videos. This info is for die-hard attendees only.

When this knowledge reached one of my business colleagues he strongly suggested that I would be silly for charging anything less than $997 to get access to the info I used to build my online fitness empire. 

And considering that my own coach, Ben Pakulski bills $150 an hour and up to $10,000 a day for appearances, securing Canada’s top pro bodybuilder was a hefty investment on my end.

Not to mention, to workout and hire any of the WBFF Pro Fitness Models in attendance you’re looking at $75-$125 an hour, but at Live Large LIVE, I’ve asked my fitness model boys to delay their flights home and hang out in Toronto so that you’ll get access to not one, but SIX world-class fitness models for TWO days (not just a single hour).

Messing around with the math numbers, it’s safe to say that the value of this 2-day private event easily blows away $1,997and even though it would be a bargain at that rate, I’m not going to charge that.  Why?  Let’s be honest, despite the insane value, many people would be unable to afford that, and the truth is, I don’t want a single person who truly wants to live large in all areas of their life be left out from experiencing this life-transforming event.

So instead of $1,997, $997 or even $497, I’ve decided to make this available at a more reasonable investment of $197 for the entire 2-day event. 

Click the “Add to Cart” Button below to purchase a single ticket –
Only $197 for the entire 2-day event

Click Here To Purchase!Click Here For 2 Easy Payments!

**With the 2-ticket Buy One, Get One HALF OFF option, your first ticket is just $197 and your second ticket is $100 OFF – just $97 for a total of $294.00. We’ll also let you split your investment over 2 easy payments of just $147 billed 30 days apart.

Want The Most Insane Money-Back Guarantee EVER?

No problem, and this is "Live Large" style one:

My Mom thinks I’m crazy for doing this!

Maybe I am and I reassured her like I always do, “Mom, don’t worry, that’s the least of my concerns. I’m not worried.”  The fact of the matter is that I am beyond confident of what I’m brining to the table and the value that you’ll take home from each speaker and I will drop over dead if anyone does not agree this first ever event is not a truly unforgettable experience for each and every attendee.

I need to stress, you need to act quickly —seating is LIMITED.

I’ll be honest, for my first event I’m not looking at selling a 1,000+ person event and I did not even consider rooms of that size.  All of the speakers, myself included, want to have the opportunity to meet and interact with all of the attendees, and that’s simply not possible with such large numbers.  This is a private, exclusive, personal event and opportunity.  Once the room fills up—and it will quickly—I’m afraid you’ll have missed out.  Don’t look back with regret on what you “missed out on”.  Secure your spot to this life-changing event today!

Click the “Add to Cart” Button below to purchase a single ticket –
Only $197 for the entire 2-day event

Click Here To Purchase!Click Here For 2 Easy Payments!

**With the 2-ticket Buy One, Get One HALF OFF option, your first ticket is just $197 and your second ticket is $100 OFF – just $97 for a total of $294.00. We’ll also let you split your investment over 2 easy payments of just $147 billed 30 days apart.

Let’s shoot straight here, 2011 is pretty much over but you still have a chance of finishing it stronger than you started – and you have a chance of charging towards your life goals or sitting back and being a spectator.

Are you going to live small or live large? 
Are you going to let another year pass you by without achieving and realizing your full potential? Or will you have done everything you can possibly do to make your goals a reality?

Without a shadow of a doubt, Live Large LIVE is set to be an event to set the day that you plant a stake in the ground and start charging towards the life you desire.  

It’s guaranteed, after these two days you’ll be heading home with the confidence to reach any far fetched goal and be ready to live better,  relate better, save better, know better, and of course —equipped with my mentors secrets to go out and completely amplify your physique, relationships, business and lifestyle.

I encourage you to invest in yourself today by securing your spot while seats are still available.

This event WILL sell out, and those who wait will be left behind!

I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you in August and I hope you can come in early so I can hear you cheering my name while I’m on the world stage!

To living larger than ever,

Vince Del Monte

Vince Del Monte,

WBFF Pro Fitness Model
Honours Kinesiology Degree
Author & Creator of No Nonsense Muscle Building,

Your Six Pack Quest, Maximize Your Muscle

P.S.  This is really important! Not only is the event backed by a completely risk-free, money back guarantee, but I’m also including hotel expenses in the guarantee on top of it!

The only way you can lose is by not getting your registration in on time!  Please don’t make the mistake of waiting to “think this over”. Seating is LIMITED, and as much as we hate to turn people away, once the room fills up, the doors on this event will close for good.


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